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Green Building and LEED Seminars

Paras Nanavati, has been an active advocate of green building and LEED and continues to spread awareness and instruction on green building and its application to LEED at various public forums. Some examples are shared below:

Speaking at the Women in Green Forum


The 2nd Annual Women In Green Forum in 2011 was held at the Santa Monica Sheraton

and attracted a global audience of sustainability professionals.



Why Lawyers need LEED Accredidation


Lawyers already have to slog their way through contracts, torts, criminal and constitutional law… but maybe it’s time to add “green building law” to the list?

An emerging new trend among attorneys is appending “LEED AP” to the “JD” already behind their name. The acronym stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional”, and a LEED AP is an individual who is certified by the Green Building Certification Institute as having demonstrated expert knowledge of green buildings and the LEED rating systems.

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“Having intelligent, interested, vested lawyers in the design team and the construction team enabled them to advocate for the local community. The local lawyer teams who were supporting the community and representing them were able to get the project decision makers – the developers, the contractors, the architects, the engineers – to show them what the plans were well in advance. Having the developers come answer questions, having the architects come explain the project, having the engineers talk about public safety requirements, etc. – it was all a little more transparent. A lot of questions were able to be overcome by having intelligent lawyers advocate for the community. Hence, a really nice project is now getting the full support it rightfully deserves.”

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